WeatherFrame™ Basic
Automated Ethernet based Weather Briefing System

This unique web enabled weather appliance combines the features of an electronic picture frame with an automated web content display to provide real-time weather presentations for desktops, walls, large plasma/LCD displays, and cable TV channels. It features Internet connectivity using Cat5 Ethernet cable connected to your existing network.


  • Comes with a selection of free weather maps, updated constantly from our IntelliWeather service.

  • Besides weather, you can display advertising graphics or any other JPEG graphics placed on a webserver or intranet server.

  • Graphics are standard JPEG's at 800x600 resolution, larger sizes are automatically scaled to fit

  • Graphics can also be stored in the frame and presented at any point in the slide show.

  • Uses any existing Cat5 RJ-45 LAN connection to a hub or switch with an internet connection. Plug and Play when used with DHCP based router or firewall

  • Supports Static IP addresses

  • Supports DHCP assigned addresses from router

  • Uses only port 80 HTTP requests to be compatible with most firewalls and proxy servers

  • Hacker secure, administration from the USB port, not from the LAN

  • Wall or Desktop use, dual mount included
  • Automated unattended updates and display
  • Cabled Ethernet or 802.11B Wireless
  • Adjustable display speed
  • Multiple WeatherFrames can be setup on a network and administered from a single PC
  • 12 Volt DC or 120VAC operation
  • Use Standalone or with optional cable drive large Plasma or LCD displays
  • With optional hardware, can also drive a local TV "live weather channel" in cable TV systems for hotels or community cable systems
  • Audio files  can be played with live content slides
  • Easy setup - no programming skills required.

It also features an easy picture album style slide show setup program, and fully automated, unattended, operation. It works with any existing internet connection you may already have in place.

Special Weather Data available
Our product and service is purchased by broadcasters, corporations, universities, and organizations around the world. We can offer specialized weather briefing products on demand at amazingly affordable prices. Some examples of specialty weather data that we can include would be:

  • Custom Radar and Satellite views
  • Hi-Res Visible satellite imaging to supplant standard Infra-red images
  • Cusom localized maps that plot surface or upper air data and combined with other products
  • Live local weather station networks plotted on maps
  • Custom 3D and terrain basemap design
  • Custom automated TV channels to match WeatherFrame brifing channels
Please contact us for more info if you have needs for these special services.

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